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Health and Wellbeing week – 07.01.19

Last week the children participated in many Health and Wellbeing activities.

On Wednesday, Jennifer from Live ‘n’ Learn lead a workshop on growth mindfulness, using resilience when things are tricky and how we become more confident through working on what we want to improve on.

We showed resilience through completing a tricky jigsaw.

During the class week, we focussed on food and health – showing the difference food groups.

We discussed and created posters on what our body looks like when we give it the right amount of energy, food and sleep and what can happen to our bodies when we don’t give it enough.

We learned new words for describing taking part in sports: ‘moderate’ and ‘vigorous’. The children were able to share examples of what these may look like when taking part in sporting activities.

On Friday, Andy from Jammin’ Fitness lead a workshop which involved being active and having a positive mindset- even through challenges. As you can see from the photos, the children loved this workshop – especially when they had to work in a group to create their own sporting pose!


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