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CREST Awards

Congratulations to all children in Primary 4 and Primary 5, who have received their ‘Superstar Crest Awards’ and badges today.

Well done on your enthusiasm, team-working and problem-solving skills that you all used during our science tasks!


Sports Day – Friday 31st May


All children have taken home a letter regarding Sports Day on Friday. On the letter, it states that children should come to school wearing something in their school colour (if possible) and to take a  named water bottle.

After the races and activities, the children will return to the school to collect their belongings and will leave after the bell.

If you have any questions, then please contact the school

Busy week in P4/5

We have had a busy week in P4/5!

As part of Health this week, we were learning about the daily intake of foods. We also explored the packaging of some items and recorded the foods through the traffic light systems. We then compared our findings and were shocked by some of the results.

Today we had an outdoor art lesson, where the children were learning to draw still life art in the playground. The children were excellent at considering the detail of their objects.

We also had another fantastic swimming session, where the children were practicing jumping into the water – well done P4/5!

Today’s outdoor learning – sensory writing

Today we had a very sensory and SUNNY writing session.

We explored our senses and listed them in our jotters. We then discussed the description of some of our listed, including the grass. We shared many fantastic words such as ‘soft’, ‘slimy’, ‘tickly’ and ‘rubbery’ to name a few. We then recorded our information into paragraphs.

Well done P4/5 and the Gaelic P4 children! 🙂


A quick reminder..


A quick reminder that we have swimming tomorrow. Can all children please come to school with their swim wear – including a towel and a hair bauble, if your child has long hair.

The children will need to have a bag containing their swimming items, as we will not be taking school bags with us.


Miss Mac

Egg hunt photos

I hope that you are having a wonderful Easter break!

Below are photos from our egg hunt, on the last day of Term 3.

See you all tomorrow,

Miss Mac 🙂


Creating and performing our Rights scripts

As part of our mini topic of Children’s Rights, the children had opportunities to create and perform their scripts, which incorporates refugees and children’s rights. All groups were very excited to show off their performing skills to the class.

Here are some of the photos from our performances!


Funny debating

Yesterday we had a fun debating task.

We were put into different groups and were given different scenarios including: who should stay on the boat, who should win a million pounds, who should be granted three wishes from a genie and who should go to Hogwarts to train as a wizard.

The children could choose to be themselves or a different person; we had some famous people debating including Olly Murs, Ariana Grande and Theresa May to name a few!

The children spoke with lots of confidence and persuasion on why they should win from their group. Fantastic reasons were shared too.

Easter bonnet decorating at the Care Centre

Yesterday, we went to the Care Centre to decorate Easter bonnets. The residents were really impressed with how well the children worked in their pairs, as well as how creative they were in their bonnet decorating. The residents then chose two pairs are the winners.

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