Key Assessment Task

The children’s Key Assessment Task has gone home today, can these please be returned to the school next Thursday or Friday. If you child was absent today, then they will take them home on Thursday.

Have a fantastic long weekend!

Miss Mac 🙂


Science activities

On the 29th of January, the children used science with Mrs Mann, to create their own glue. They had to use lots of team working, measuring and concentration skills!

AFRIS workshops took place on the 30th of January – where the children learned about stars and Constellations, the Solar Systems and Space Exploration. This was a very busy science day!

On 1st of February, all of the Primary 4 and Primary 5 children came together to explore density, floating and sinking. The children had to work in groups to create different rafts -using paper, lolly-pop sticks and elastic bands. They then had to see if the models could float or sink. Once in the water, they had to see how many marbles their models could hold before it sank.

The most amount of marbles that were on a raft was 19!


National Storytelling Week

On the week beginning the 28th January – the children participated in National Storytelling week and read to the Primary 1/2 children. The children went down in different groups each day.

It is clear to see how much we enjoyed reading to the P1/2s – when you see our photos! 🙂

Show and Tell Photos

Mrs James and I were VERY impressed with everyone’s show and tell. It was wonderful to see how much time and effort was put into each presentation!        You are all superstars! 


Homework and Key Assessment Tasks


Due to the school closure on Monday and me not being in class yesterday; there will be no homework this week.

Children are encouraged to continue reading each night for at least 20 minutes, as part of their First Minister’s Reading Challenge.

I have attached the link for Topmarks – hit the button – for children to practice their times tables if they have time to do them tonight:

** – We are still awaiting some show and tell Key Assessment Tasks, can these please be returned to the school as soon as possible.

Many thanks,

Miss Mac



Internet Safety

P4-5 worked with Mrs Laird today to learn about giving permission online.  They heard a story about making choices and asking questions when playing games online, acted out situations and then considered what information they could give out and what they should ask first for.  What can they remember to tell you at home?

internet safety

AfRIS Workshops

Originally posted on Primary 6/7 ~ Miss Mullin and Mrs James: On Wednesday, our pupils enjoyed several astronomy workshops led by AfRIS: Astronomy for Remote and Island Schools. P6/7 started the day with an introduction to gravity, followed by the nature of light. P6/7s then took part in a workshop on “Stars and constellations” before listening to…

via AfRIS Workshops — Primary 6/7 ~ Miss MacDonald

Homework and Key Assessment Task

The children have been given their homework for this week. Homework will be issued on a Monday, to be returned to class on a Thursday.

Your child will take home their Show and Tell Key Assessment Task today. Can these please be returned to the school by Thursday.


Miss Mac 🙂

PE Circuits with P3/4 and the Gaelic Class

Last Thursday, we came together with the P3/4 and the Gaelic class to do Circuits.

The main skills that we were practicing were: balancing, throwing and hitting. The children had a few minutes at each of the 6 stations.

For the balancing station, the children had to work in pairs to create a balance and see how long they could stay still for. Some pairs decided to create paired balancing positions – which was great!

For the bat and ball station, the children had to count how many times that they could bounce the ball without it falling on the ground. Our top score was 106!

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